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Artistic Statement

These painting/collages are made with wax medium and strips of painted paper, --collected residue from the making of large paintings over many years.

Using already painted paper has added texture, and enabled greater “trial-and-error” discoveries in the process. Evenly progressing gradations of tonality and scale evolved intuitively in this development. An up-and-down sweeping visual “movement” has become a new motif and direction adding a sense of infinity, of a sequence that could go on beyond the confines of the paint-and-collage object.

While not copying or replicating nature, I do find much inspiration there. A recent trip to Utah’s national parks with six days of hiking amongst colors, stains, and streaks of rock strata provided direct impetus upon returning to the studio to move forward to the concluding stage of a painting/collage titled Strata.

My hope is that these works would have a completeness, a presence, a reality that is a small echo of those grand rock formations in nature, or even that of a small leaf with its ordered veins and smooth transitions of color,--that these bands, lines, colors, and textures creating visual movement across a surface could be vehicles for responses of feeling, thought, and inspiration.


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