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Artist Statement

Three "encounters" have been particularly significant in setting my course as an artist. One was walking unawares into an exhibit of eight sequential grid paintings by Agnes Martin, and seeing that painting could be about the infinite. Another was standing on brilliant crevices of light in the loft of our large, old barn as early morning sunlight blasted into the bay below, and up through the floorboards. It was transcendent, what I wanted in painting. Lastly, directly after a trip to Japan: a rare, clear dream of a large, red, abstract painting with white-lined rectangles that "needed" to be made, and compelled me to start on this path.

I work "within" the painting itself, following wherever it leads, intuitively interacting with the materials of paint, wax, collage, and the elements of texture, color, line, proportion, etc. Getting a sense of light from the work is important. The process is additive and subtractive using knives and scrappers, rubbing with fingers, "erasing" with cloths, wax and mineral spirits, applying and removing strips of painted paper--the saved residue from larger painting efforts.

I believe art is about the spiritual, about deep yearnings and emotions that are beyond words.


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